For more information about our research program or a study, please contact Dr. Samlan by email ( or phone (520-626-6574).

Age-Related Dysphonia

We are studying the vocal fold vibration patterns in adults ages 65 years and older, how these patterns are related to voice quality, acoustic and aerodynamic signals, Frailty Syndrome, and voice use. We are also investigating how vocal fold vibration patterns and voice quality change with voice therapy techniques. This work is supported by the NIH/NIDCD.

Communication Effectiveness in Noise

Together with Dr. Nicole Marrone, we are investigating how to improve communication effectiveness in the presence of background noise. Our particular interest in this work is dyads where one partner has dysphonia and the other hearing loss. 

Voice Therapy Adherence

Together with Dr. Matthew Grilli, we are identifying factors that influence voice therapy adherence in older adults in order to improve adherence and treatment outcomes.

CantoSano ("Healthy Singing")

This is a research program to provide education about voice production and vocal health to University of Arizona students. It is a collaborative project with Dr. Kristin Dauphinais and Dr. Mindy Black.